Mollie Harmison

This blonde bombshell is ready to have some fun! With her quick wit and clever humor, Mollie keeps you on your toes and is full of surprises.

She’s crazy…but not ex-girlfriend crazy. 😉

Not only has she been performing improv for years, but she also has provided team-building workshops for companies, sports teams and couples, using the art of improv comedy. Bringing laughter and enjoying life is a “Mollie Must”.

As a cosmetologist by trade, that is where she first realized her love for helping people feel good about themselves. Nothing speaks confidence like a new haircut!

After about 10 years of doing hair and makeup, Mollie decided she wanted to expand her influence by helping people love themselves not just on the outside, but on the inside too.

Where You've Seen Her

She’s not just a “motivational speaker”, her Improv background makes her seminars/workshops fun, entertaining, innovative and she gives you actual tools to use in your everyday life.

These workshops are not just a Rah Rah session but something meant to help you after you walk out the door from them. 

Book her to come to Speak at your next company or Sports Team Building seminar. She will NOT bring a powerpoint but something much more powerful in helping your Team connect and communicate at a higher level. 


Or Hire Mollie and her Husband Heath to entertain you with their Improv Show and/or Podcast Show at your next party or event. They bring a Fun and Entertaining Energy that you’ll be sure to love and enjoy! 


She is currently writing her book titled, Shut Up Ugly, I am Beautiful. Look for it soon!

Work with Mollie